Event song

norsk flagg_rundt En smaksprøve på den offentlige eventsangen.
Vi oppfordrer alle til å lære seg sangen, for den vil nok bli sunget ved bålet i Boot Camp. Finnes på Spotify og youtube

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Engelsk flagg_rundt A teaser from the official event song.
We encourage everyone to learn this, as it probably will be sung around the campfire at Boot Camp


Geocahers all united

Ide. McStoon. Tekst: Steinar Olafsen. Melodi: Skrythals Recording

Travel the big cities
Searching every street
To find the little treasures
Right below our feet
You can take your partner
Take the children too
Even your mom and dad
Join this searching crew
Geocachers all unite
With GPS and satellite
Eyes open and aware
With PC and a searching mind
We travel and we search and find
Plastic treasures everywhere
Plastic treasures everywhere

Climbing the high mountains
Deep in snow and ice
There was the small container
Right before our eyes
We’re searching high and low
We’re searching here and there
Using milliondollar satellites
To find tupperware
Bonus, Boot Camp
Running fast for First to Find
For the glory and the fame
If you’re the first you burst with pride
And you’ll love this caching game
We travel all around to find
What we are lookin for
We’re now two millions cachers
And we’ll soon be many more